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Why Hire Interior Design for Your Hotel Property…

Providing a unique and comfortable experience for travelers is the goal of the hospitality industry. In addition to ensuring that staff provides the utmost service to customers and that amenities are of the highest quality, the design and atmosphere of every room must be flawless.

It must feel, from the moment the guest emerges from their car outside the facility, like a smoothly coordinated design, which ties the exterior style, design and architectural elements to the interior public spaces. The design must also tie to the guest rooms, telling the story of the property. It will tell the guest the type of experience they will have.

Whether it’s a lobby, guest room, restaurant, fitness room, or outdoor areas like the pool area or dining areas, the interior design will tell the guest what to expect when they stay here.

Interior design will exhibit the feeling, the ambience and the energy of your property. It will enhance the experience of their stay, and provide areas which offer interaction with other guests along with accommodations for them.

For instance, the very first visual experience a hotel guest has is entering the lobby for check-in. It is at that vital time where a first impression of the hotel is made and where a deal can be made or broken by the guest. That is how interior design holds the power of defining the first experience of the property to the customers.

Hospitality design thus helps in promoting the impression of a hotel and influencing the guest to have a better experience by staying in that particular property. This specialty design process is extensive, and concentrates on both function and beauty.

We understand the importance of having an impeccable interior design to enrich the experiences of guests. Also, we understand that interior design is one of the main components for expanding a business in the hospitality realm.

Designing a hospitality property is one of the most important aspects of keeping your customers happy, yet hotels and restaurants often struggle to achieve their preferred aesthetic. Getting the design component spot on can take a great deal of time and care because the design must appeal to all the senses.

As a result, attention to detail, high-quality furnishings, and aesthetics are very important, and MLS Interiors, Inc. can provide you with personal assistance and guidance to find the perfect design for your hotel! In addition, after years of experience in this arena of hospitality design, we offer procurement, or FFE purchasing, using our long term relationships with vendors, and getting the best prices for our clients without compromising quality.

Brands know this and hire multitudes of staff to promote this image. We understand the process well and can help both branded hotels navigate their PIP while keeping some levels of individuality, and we can help independent boutique properties to tell a story that draws the guest back time after time…

Not everyone owns a 5 star property, however, we, at MLS Interiors, Inc. can assist you to make your property feel like one…

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